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  1. Blanco


    We have a new dev. it's under development
  2. Blanco


    We have a new dev. it's under development
  3. Blanco

    High ping

    The cheat does not cause latency issues.
  4. No key-binds, it's always on.
  5. Blanco

    New Loader

    We are using a new loader which combines both basic and lite into one. Please use this to get the most latest version of the cheat.
  6. I can see your trying to use a proximity lite key within the basic loader. Lite will be released soon.
  7. Blanco

    Cheat is awesome

    That’s great to hear, glad you’ve enjoyed ur experience so far
  8. Proximity Lite is Unlock All only, Proximity Basic is Unlock All + ESP.
  9. We got ddos'd while I was asleep, apologies.
  10. Blanco


  11. Blanco

    Resellers Wanted

    Places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 32

    Reseller for Proximity Basic
  12. Lite is coming soon 😛
  13. We're looking to have resellers for our Proximity Basic Cheat. Current prices are 15/Week, 40/Month. Reseller prices are 10/Week, 25/Month. We offer our resellers discounted prices so that they may sell it for more profit in the future. How it works? 1. You create an application 2. I accept your application and we talk. 3. I give you access to the panel with your desired username/password 4. I give you your balance based of your deposit. Go to https://proximity.wtf/index.php?/reseller/ to apply
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